Plastercast offers professional translation services, mainly from English, Danish and Norwegian to Swedish, as well as editing and copywriting. Our clients appreciate the consistency and the high quality of our work and trust our ability to keep even the tightest deadlines.

If you want your company to communicate successfully, you should choose your translation partner very carefully. Don't be fooled by a flashy logo and a high street address. Go for someone who really values you as a customer. Someone you can trust.

Here's why you should choose Plastercast for your translations:

  • Fast, friendly and professional service
  • Have not missed a deadline in 12 years of business
  • You will always know who you are dealing with
  • Bypassing the Big Agency means considerable savings and faster turnaround

Material is accepted and can be delivered in most formats.

We can also handle your multilingual projects. Thanks to a team of experienced and independant collegues we can deliver excellent translations in a number of languages. Contact us today! Not only will we help you to keep your deadlines and your budget, but your customers as well.